Spot On Heating Cushions

Discover Spot On’s heating cushions.

Our heating cushions are your perfect partner for the colder days. Wonderfully warm, designed for comfort and perfect for those evenings when you just want to relax and enjoy.

Enjoy long-lasting warmth.

Wireless & rechargeable

Each Spot On heating cusgion comes with a built-in, rechargeable power bank. This way, you'll be able to enjoy wonderful warmth over and over again.

3 heat levels

Customize the comfort of your Spot On heating cushion with three adjustable levels so you can enjoy the perfect temperature for hours.

Infrared heating

Our heat cushions utilize infrared technology, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant warmth that can truly be felt.

Save costs & energy

The thermostat can be turned down, as a Spot On heating cushion can keep you warm for up to 4 hours. Great for the environment as well as your wallet!

The warmth of your dreams

Our heating cushions, equipped with advanced infrared technology, quickly and easily provide you with the warmth you’re looking for.

This way, you can enjoy hours of wonderful warmth with only the click of a button.

Thermostat down, heating cushion on

Which Spot On suits you best?

With as many as 4 different models, our heating cushions come in handy in any situation; whether you’re relaxing at home, working in the office or on the go. Spot On provides the perfect temperature when and where you need it.

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